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Aaron "Double A" Gibbs

Aaron "Double A" Gibbs has been producing for over ten years...and he's only been alive for a quarter century! Double A is one of four boys, and comes from a musical family in both the classical and popular genres. He became a drummer at the age of 12 and was exposed to the music industry by sitting in on sessions with his Dad, who's a session guitarist featured on multi-platinum albums. Once he got accepted to Frank Sinatra School of The Arts, and was introduced to different musical tools and techniques, he began to not only grow as a musician--he grew as a producer.


Since that time of discovery, Double A has diligently worked with both prominent and rising companies and artists: R.I.C.H. Records (a record label run by Christian Rap veteran "Richie Righteous"), Regime Music Group (Army), Leon Timbo (Riverphlo Entertainment. Home to artists such as Andrae Crouch, and Keith Staten, former lead singer of Commissioned), and Paul Gee of Mindlezz Thoughtz Arts & Media. He has provided these patrons and many other clients with custom production services along with mixing and recording engineering services. His work has even been played on MTV and TLC! His work ethic is consistent with each project and the quality of the end-product speaks for itself--excellence.


Double A is very capable of tapping into many genres, but his favorites are Hip-Hop, R&B, and Pop; and it is no surprise that his musical influences are 9th Wonder, J-Dilla, Timbaland, Pharell and Dr. Dre. Thinking of the classic careers of these mentioned, Double A has future plans of opening and running a full-fledged recording studio offering his services in addition to a mastering component on a larger scale. In addition to the above mentioned services, Double A is looking to expand into film work as a mix engineer and use the studio for ADR (Automatic Dialogue Replacement) recordings. And as a way of giving back, he will eventually look into signing upcoming producers, mentoring them, as well as helping them establish themselves through the relationships he builds through his business.

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